Community Discussion on Wingmakers Resources
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It has been about 25 years since the launch of the first wingmakers web site. Thousands of pages
of material has been added since then. James has provided us with a rich and amazing body of work
that has changed many of us in profound ways.

But what has been the result of this material in our world?
What have we learned?
How have we changed?
What are we doing with our lives?
How are we expressing the ideas gleaned from the Wingmaker’s material?

Listed below are some of the answers to these questions.
This page will serve as a platform for the community to share some of those answers.

We will add to this list as new relevant content appears.


MOCI Q&A from James Mahu

In this paper are two answers to a group of questions asked of Jame Mahu.

The questions and answers relate to the topics discussed in the various materials on MOCI.Life.

An exploration of the dynamic mechanism of the Multiverse
By Chinese Translator Z.SI.GP

Z is a long-time follower (and translator) of the Wingmakers’ material and has written many papers on his understanding of the material.

Z’s deep insights and understanding of the complexities of the journey we all share are impressive and inspiring.

“This is purely my personal imagination. The purpose is to help us envision the vast structure of inherent consciousness within each individual and the interconnectedness between consciousness. It is these concepts that support technologies such as the Heart Virtues and Quantum Pause.

It would be fair to say it’s for the novice!

Here’s a quote from the paper:

“Every one of us is a dormant Sovereign Integral waiting to be self-activated. The only thing we need to do is complete the Transformation of our core identity to the 7D Bi-directional.

In this way, by accessing and following the descent of the Unified Sources Cascade, the three-step process of  the Source Expansion is completed, and our own liberation and transformation are also achieved.”

Two insightful papers by Ondrej Pruzracny of Czechia

Commentary on the novel, Copernicus by James Mahu:
The Spiritual message of the novel and a hidden connection
with the Wingmakers material

Written and translated by Ondrej Pruzracny of Czechia.
A long-time follower of the Wingmakers material, Ondrej with his wife and their team
created and translated some of the most comprehensive and beautiful
websites of the wingmakers and MOCI material in their native language, Czech.
Ondrej also shares with us his own perspectives on the Sovereign Integral
Consciousness on the Scribes of Consciousness blog.
They have also produced a number of inspirational YouTube videos.

For more information visit: (WingMakers and MOCI in Czech) (WingMakers videos in Czech with English section)

Commentary on the MOCI philosophical stories by James Mahu
by the Czech translator Ondřej Průzračný

  • Copernicus and the influence of story Travelers on the Bridge
  • Symbolism of natural environments
  • Glossary of terms
  • Visual schemes

By Don Campbell

A personal journey practicing
the six heart virtues.

Two Tools of Creation:
Perception and Expression

Written in Chinese and translated into English


Living with Love

The path to inner peace

In Spanish with Google translate feature

One Man’s Journey Practicing The Six Heart Virtues

The Unconditional Heart

By Gunther Sonnenfeld


Humanity struggles unnecessarily, and repeatedly over time because the information we use
is most commonly not our own. It is external to the essence of the true self, or what
is known as The Sovereign Integral.

A way forward is in realizing how information is externalized and then in developing
a practice in how to source and surface the information that is internal
to each one of us, using our moral imaginations.

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The Sovereign Integral Process 1/11

From the creator of:

To download PDF, click below:

To view the video series click below:

Some thoughts and views on the Human Portal

In The Fifth Interview of Dr. Jamisson Neruda, Neruda tells Sarah that there will be three critical disclosures, which are benchmarks in a broader series of phases within Lyricus’ larger plan.

The second disclosure, (which is the focus of this paper), was the activation of a human portal. Neruda indicates this will happen in about ten years from when he gave the interview, which was 1998. Thus, the second disclosure would have happened in or about 2008. He did not know who the human portal would be or how this would manifest. It remains a mystery…

Video based on The Rising Heart, an excerpt from Liminal Cosmogony by James Mahu