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Find a Group

We plan to have all listings as virtual groups as people list new groups moving forward. The existing groups will be updated with new information as we hear from the group facilitators. This may take some time, so please be patient as we make this transition. Hope you enjoy this new feature.
For listing a new group click here.


Name : Wingmakers InterConnected
Where : via Skype video
When : Every other Sunday at 6 pm Australian time
Time : 6 p.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time
Contact :


Name : Terra Universalis
Where : Samaipata, Santa Cruz
Map It
When : Sunday Evening
Time :
Contact :
Notes : We are in the process to establish a group in Samaipata/Bolivia. Our target is to create a Wingmakers community and a retreat centre inspired by Wingmakers philosophy.


Name : The WingMakers
Where : Guarulhos, São Paulo
When : Every day online
Time : 6 p.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time
Contact :
Notes : Our purpose as a group is to share our experiences with the practice of WingMakers and Lyricus teachings as well, our doubts, difficulties, sorrows, successes,of Path, Always keeping the inner flame burning


Name : Elfhood’s WingMaker Community
Where : Near Minden, (Haliburton Highlands) Ontario
When : TBD
Time : TBD
Contact :
Notes : We desire to host a study group / WingMaker’s community that meets physically at Heartwood. Please contact Sarabi if you live in Ontario or close by and are interested in joining a physically based WingMakers community.
Name :WMM Study & Practice Partners
: GTA / South-Central Ontario, Ontario, Canada, Map It
When :TBD
Notes :July of 2019.
Just reaching out to see if there is enough interest locally to not only learn and study the WMM, but also to actively support each other as we practice Living from the Heart, the 3 Life Principles, behavioural intelligence, emotional self-mastery, the Sovereign Integral Process, etc.
In terms of a group, once interest has been expressed by a few people, we can decide what to create together.
I’m so looking forward to meeting others who are powerfully drawn to the Wingmaker Material.
Name : WingMakers Friendship Cube Group
Where : Victoria, British Columbia
When : First Thursday of each month
Time : 7pm
Contact :


Name : 造翼者资料2.0版升级工作群
Who : 读写中文的小伙伴,大陆,香港,澳门,台湾,新加坡,世界各地的华人伙伴们,如果你感觉到心的推动,请加入我们。
What : 造翼者资料的音频化(人声朗读或AI平台制作),或制作字幕;网站制作及运营;P图,视频制作,3D动画
Where : 微信群(请通过下方微信号加入),公众号:造翼者们。其他地区的小伙伴如果有更好的交流工具,请推荐给我们。



: 自由安排时间。




Name : wingmakers
Where : china
When : Every other friday evening
Time : 8:00 pm beijing time
Contact :
Name :
Where : (Siping), (China)
When :  –
Time :  –
Contact :
Name : Wingmakers CN
Where : Beijing, China
When : Every Day
Time : Around 21:00 Beijing time
Contact :
Name : wingmakers china group
Where : shanghai .guangzhou China
When : every day evering via QQ
Time :  8:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Contact :


Name : Creadores de Alas G.E.B
Where : Alquería, Bogotá, Colombia
When : Domingo
Time : TBD
Contact : Todo el día,
Notes : Grupo de estudio de los materiales WingMakers


Name : WingMakers-Study Group, Germany
Where : Bad Hindelang, Bavaria
When :
Time :
Contact :
Note : Es wäre sehr schön, wenn Menschen aus Deutschland, mit WingMakers und/oder Lyricus Hintergrund, Kontakt(physisch oder schriftlich)zwecks Erfahrungsaustausch aufnehmen würden Ich freue mich! Christoph Ich freue mich! Christoph
Name : NEW FAMILY – WingMakers International
Where : ZOOM, Meeting ID: 6304889770
When : Sundays
Time: : 11 AM (CEST)
Contact :
Notes : Tantric ASATE PRAXIS (A= Activating the Body, S= Stilling the Mind, A= Activating Sexual Energies, T= Transmutation, E= Enjoy Bliss)  imbued with the WingMakers Energy & The 6 HVs. You are welcomed to join the session at any time!


Name : Living From The Heart
Where : Pune, Maharashtra
When : Wednesday
Time : 6pm to 8pm
Contact :
Notes : The intention of this group is to explore the philosophical foundations and practical expressions of the Wingmakers materials in an openhearted and friendly setting.


Name : Wingmakers Indonesia Study Group [WISG]
Where : Medan, Sumatera Utara
When :
:Time :
Contact :
Notes : Kepada saudara-saudara Jiwa saya yang hadir di Bumi Nusantara Indonesia khususnya yang berdomisi secara pisik di kodya Medan dan atau di Provinsi Sumatera Utara,yang “terpanggil” dengan materi dari dan mau belajar bersama saya, bisa kontak ke email saya untuk kapan – dimana bertemunya. Salam saya Dharma Sani Siregar []


Group Name : Gruppo Locale di Studio MWM
Live Stream : Locale
Location : Italia, Lecco – Brianza
Language : Italiano
When : Prima domenica del mese
Time/Timezone : 15:00–18:00 CET (+1 UTC)
Contact :
Group Name : DMI_T Dieci Milioni di Isole
Live Stream : Zoom
Location : Italia
Language : Italiano
When : Quindicinale
Time/Timezone : 20:30–22:00 CET (UTC +1)
Contact :
Description : Gruppo di studio del Materiale WM. Il tema di ogni incontro viene scelto di volta in volta collettivamente, secondo l’interesse comune o quale approfondimento di uno specifico studio individuale.


Group Name : WingMakers StudyGroup Japan
Live Stream : Teams
Location : Otsu-shi, Shiga-ken Japan
Language : Japanese
When : TBD
Time/Timezone : UTC +0900 TBD
Contact :
Description :
We hold study groups four times a year in Kansai, Japan.


Name : Senzar’s
Where : Gdansk, Pomorskie, Poland  Map It
When : Friday
Time :
Contact :
Notes : To activate the spiritual path


Name: : Wingmakers 2025
Where: : San Juan, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
When: : Sunday
Time: : 1:00pm
Contact: :


Name : Only One SKY
Where : Benson, AZ
When : TBD
Time :
Contact :
Notes : To use the Wingmaker Materials as a platform to express our core self and heart centered behaviors into our reality.
Name : Wingmakers Group in Sedona
Where : Sedona, AZ  Map It
When : Every 3rd Saturday of the month
Time : 1:00pm
Contact :
Notes : Fellow Wingmakers to gathered to study, discuss and assist each other’s awakening journey
Name : Wingmakers Maui
Where : Hawaii
When : TBD
Time : TBD
Contact :
Notes : Looking for fellow Wingmakers in Maui. The time is right to come together. Let’s connect and get started. Mahalo.
Name : Wingmakers LA
Where : Los Angeles, California
When : TBD Maybe Skype Call
Time : TBD Maybe Skype Call
Contact: :
Notes : There was no group near me, so I made one, although I am not a good leader
Name : WingMakers Study Group–New England
Where : Newport, Rhode Island
When : TBD
Time : TBD
Contact :
Notes :  A new study group is forming for the New England area of the United States.  For information, please contact via email.

February 7, 2015— New study group now forming for Newport, RI.  All individuals are welcomed with hopes of creating a diverse group of people, who are seeking to experience mutuality and equality.  This is an amazing time to further one’s state of consciousness.  For more information regarding exact dates, times, and location, please make contact via email.”

Name : I am We are Wingmakers study group
Where : Boca Raton
When : Florida
Time : TBD
Contact :
Notes : I wish especially to discuss the 5th interview of Jamison Neruda.  Please don’t let distance stop you.  English is my only language.  This material ties into my lifelong goals dreams and aspirations hope you feel the same.
Name : DFW Wingmakers
Where : Keller, Texas Map It
When : TBD
Time : TBD
Contact :
Notes : In the process to establish a group in the DFW area. The objectives are to reinforce individual study with group interaction and to create a Wingmakers community.
Group Name : Concept Club
Live Stream : Google Meet
Location : United States, Houston, Texas
Language : English
When : Sundays
Time/Timezone : 11:00 / CST
Contact :
Description : All are welcomed..
Name : Hawaii Wingmakers SG-1
Where : Kurtistown, HI
When : 1st Saturday of each month
Time : 10am to noon
Contact :
Name : Wingmakers Study Group
Where : Lincoln, NE
When : TBD
Time : TBD
Contact :
Name : Genius Community Health & Wellness
Where : Phoenix, Arizona
When : Every Sunday
Time : 11:00am
Contact :
Notes : There is no more distance between you and me as there is between the start and me, there is no more distance between you and me as there is between the atoms and me because infinity is ONE. When we reach this stage of understanding and feeling then. We become small individual bit of consciousness that finally are realizing that they are aware, because consciousness is ONE also. There is no separation in the universe between individual consciousness and collective consciousness. People often talk about the collective unconscious, but more important than the collective unconscious is the collective consciousness, which is not only planetary, but also universal and infinite.” Just as our present day society puts “have” above “being” it also values muscular development as part of “appearing” and neglects spiritual development.
Group Name : Hearts Without Borders
Live Stream : Zoom
Location : New Jersey
Language : English
When : 1st and 2nd Thursday every month
Time/Timezone : 7.30pm to 9.00pm / EST
Contact :
Description : This group is for practicing the Six Heart Virtues. This group is currently closed to new members for now.
Name : Starrlights Ranch
Where : Sedona Area, AZ
When : TBD
Time : Week night 6-9
Contact :
Name : WingMakers Colloquium
Where : South Bend, IN
When : TBD
Time : TBD
Contact :
Name : Winston-Salem WingMakers Study Group
Where : Winston Salem
When : TBD
Time : TBD
Contact :
Notes : This is a brand new group just starting up. We would love to connect with others wishing to study the WingMakers materials, honing our skills of sharing the heart’s virtues with others, whilst simultaneously exploring how we can apply this in a practical way within our local community – on a grassroots level. The quote by Mother Teresa in James’ latest book about being unwanted and uncared for has struck a chord with us, and we would like to make a difference. We are all in this together
Name : Wingmakers Study Group
Where : Lansing, MI
When : Fourth Wednesday of each month
Time : 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Contact : Roger,


Name : Wingmakers, Chester, UK
Where : Christleton, Chester, UK
When : Every other Tuesday Evening
Time : 7:30 pm
Contact : Michael Wilkinson,
Name : Soulcarriers Uk
Where : Leicester, Leicestershire United Kingdom
When : Daily by email, weekly on Zoom
Time : 11am Sundays
Contact :
Notes : A new UK group formed July 2021, to welcome fellow students, to share the teachings and our learnings with each other. However long or short you have been on this path, all are welcome.


Name : CreadorDeAlas
Where : Valencia
When :
Time :
Contact :
Notes : Todo aquel que este interesado en tan bonita iniciativa contacteme