About Wingmakers Study Groups
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This web site is NOT an official Wingmakers site.

The Wingmakers Study Groups Web site was created for people interested in joining or starting a study group focusing on the Wingmakers’ materials. It assumes that you are acquainted with much of the material and have an interest in sharing and learning more. You can find a virtual study group or start one and have people find you.

Over the years people have inquired about where they could find a study group, or how to start one. This site offers a platform for providing this information to the community. The list of study groups will grow as new groups start and existing groups make their information available.

Each group is different and the best approach will be to let the dynamics of the individual group dictate the structure, direction of explorations and topics of discussions. While there is no set format for study groups, some suggestions are offered on how to start and run a group in the Study Guide on the Resources page.

Study groups offer a unique opportunity to expand our experiences and our understanding of the many topics within the WingMakers’ materials. The practice of living a heart centered life is enhanced within a supportive community.

Since this site was launched, a few Facebook pages have been setup specifically for people interested in sharing their thoughts on the Wingmakers material. You may want to do a search on Facebook and join one of those also.

Others have formed small closed groups and communicate by email to discuss the material.

Visit Official Wingmakers website here