List Your Wingmakers Virtual Study Group
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List a Virtual Group

Groups are now being listed as virtual groups.

Over the past two years we have seen a surge in virtual meetings in every area of communication and it has made the world smaller and more connected. The barriers of distance have been eliminated.

Successful Wingmakers virtual groups have been active and can now include people all over the world to participate in our common interest in exploring the Wingmakers material.

It is recommended that groups indicate a specific focus, approach or pathway, so that people can choose to join a group based their interests. Topics can be as general as an open forum, to specific topics like, books, philosophy, music, art, Neruda interviews, or the practice of the Six Heart Virtues.

For Example:

The Hearts Without Border Group ( New Jersey, EST time zone) is focused on studying and practicing the Six Heart Virtues. This group meets twice a month and is limited to only a few people because the time allotted for each person’s sharing.
A specific format for this group follows this agenda: (We rotate each member as group facilitator for each meeting)

        1.  A short meditation
        2.  A check-in for each person to share their experience as they land in this space
        3.  Each person shares about their practice of the virtues while others hold a space of deep listening.
        4.  Discussion of our reading homework ( insights, questions, inspirations, etc.)
        5.  Close meeting with an Event Temple Heart Light/Energy distribution to a target.

This group has proven to accelerate the participant’s ability to live a more Heart Centered Life and the realization of the dramatic benefits of a group supportive practice.