Resources and Topics Related to Wingmakers
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Resources and Topics


The first site and original introduction to the Wingmakers material, consisting of thousands of pages of profound thought, music, poetry, philosophy, mythology, paintings and much more

Community based site for gathering on an quantum level in synchonized sessions for the good of others

Lyricus teaching order material offers various discourses, excerpts from Liminal Cosmogony and more

Online collaborative book reading experience

Future site for information on the Sovereign Intergral

Publishing division for purchasing of printed books


For some suggestions on starting and running a study group you can download this Study Guide.
by Darlene Berges.

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One popular topic to discuss and practice in study groups, is the Six Heart Virtues and how to apply them in our lives. The term, Living from the Heart is given new meaning and perspective as James presents it in his illuminating papers.

There are five papers that are devoted to the heart and it’s importance in our evolutionary rise into the next level of consciousness.

While there is no shortage of topics to explore, this topic and practice is a good place to start as a group discussion, because Heart Centered Living is the essential foundation we require to move beyond our present state of limitation at this time.

Living From The Heart
by James

This paper describes the main principles of a way of life that can only be described as “living from the heart”. It features an esoteric and clear rendering of the main features of this guiding philosophy so deeply relevant to our human family at this juncture in its evolutionary journey.

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When-Which-How Practice
by John Berges

One of the key elements that James discusses in his Living from the Heart paper is the practice of When-Which-How: the centerpiece for practitioners of the six heart virtues. John Berges, a gifted practitioner, was asked to write a guide that others could use to help them understand how to apply this important practice to their everyday lives.

Download free copy

The Rising Heart
by James

This is the first released work from Liminal Cosmogony, the core philosophy of the Lyricus Teaching Order. In this inaugural paper, the Lyricus Teaching Order describes an esoteric and powerful technique known as the “Rising Heart” that is used to activate the teachers of light.

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The Energetic Heart and Its Purpose in Human Destiny
by James

The paper is designed as an energetic transfer that describes how an individual can manifest their mission on earth.

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The Art of The Genuine: A Spiritual Imperative
by James

The paper describes a specific technique of the Lyricus Teaching Order on how one can access their higher intelligence and express it through their emotional self-mastery.

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Another popular topic and practice is Spiritual Activism as discussed in EVT 3, Temple of Spiritual Activism by James. The EventTemples website, EVT 3, is focused on spiritual activism and its application in our everyday world. Accompanying EVT 3 is a detailed Guide that provides practical and subtle insights into new paradigms that will help any one better understand the inner workings of how one can become a spiritual activist and why it’s important to do so. Highly recommended to read and study.

EVT3, Temple of Spiritual Activism
by James

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– Chamber Philosophy
– Chamber Paintings
– Chamber Music
– Chamber Poetry
– Lyricus Discourses
– Interview with James by Mark Hempel
– Project Camelot interview
– Books – Novels/Mythologies:
Ancient Arrow Project and the Neruda interviews
The Dohrman Prophecy


This is not a complete list of topics and material, however each group will be different and can explore what is best suited for their participants.